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60 minutes.
English or German.

It's you and a mat.
And a bunch of other nice people.


18:30-19:30 All levels


18:00-19:00 Intermediate/Advanced

19:15-20:15 All levels


18:30-19:30 All levels


09:00-10:00 Morning, muscles (all levels)


The classes

All levels

In these classes we cover Pilates principles like breathing and alignment. We slow down the speed a little, which doesn't mean that there's a lack of intensity. You'll see: our muscles will work hard. For newbees and everyone who wants to work on precision.


Hello body strength, we'll have a flowy and powerful session for those who are at an intermediate/advanced Pilates level.

If English speaking people are among you the session will take place in English. 

We'll work in small groups and nice beats will accompany us.


Prices, tax included:

Trial session: 12 EUR 

Drop in: 18 EUR 

Pack of 5 tickets: 80 EUR (=16 EUR per session, valid 3 months)


Personal training (online, offline): Feel free to contact me for details and appointments.

You can't participate in a booked class?

Cancellations are possible via Eversports up to 24 hours before start of class.

Location & check-in

Raum 7

Neubaugasse 57, 1070 Vienna.

Just enter the back yard and meet us on the ground floor, stair no. 4.

Doors are open 15 minutes before start of class. 

We start on time and ask for your understanding: doors will be closed when the session begins. We therefore cannot guarantee that late birds can jump into the workout.

Raum 7 is not a fitness studio but a shared space used for workouts as well as by classical singers for their practice. That's why you will not only find Pilates mats but also some pianos there. ​

Props to socks

Please wear socks in the sessions. We think they support hygiene. And can spice up the outfit.

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