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Hi, I'm Christina.

  • I completed my teacher training at one of the globally leading Pilates schools (Body Arts and Science International - BASI®). 

  • Member of Pilates Verband Austria. 

I jumped into my first Pilates class years ago without having any idea what to expect. I had my OMG moment right away: The exercises looked easy, but it didn't even take five minutes till I felt my first cramp. What the hell ...?


I was immediately attracted by this whole-body workout and had to delve into the Pilates concept. What I found is an efficient training from head to toes that my scoliosis spine loves.

Training the abs and other muscles, stretching the body, working on a healthy back and posture, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles ... Pilates has a lot to offer. It's a fitness allrounder, something we call a 'Wunderwuzzi' in Austria.


After Pilates I feel powerful and ready for everything that follows. If you havent done already: give it a try. Practiced by professional athletes and used in rehab programs you can be sure: it's simply awesome.

I'd be happy to share this fitness experience with you!

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